CHEM 8445

Advanced Organic Spectroscopy

Student Oral Presentations

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Q-8445 Oral Presentation topic
Topics for Student Presentations

Water Suppression NMR - Leslie

Chemical Exchange NMR (EXSY) and Dynamic NMR - Carolina

Biological NMR (nucleotides, proteins, etc.) - Ambar and José A.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Contrast Agents - Alexis

HPLC-NMR hyphenated Techniques - Joan

NMR Diffusion experiments (DOCY) - Maxiel

Heteronuclear NMR of selected nuclei, metals and metal complexes - Wenndy

CPMAS solids NMR - Jean C.

NMR of Chiral Compounds - Yasmary (Mosher) and Alejandro (Alexakis)